ASPEE FOG/ATK/400 DB fogging machine is one of the new products and is being preferred by users as the most durable, robust & accurate fogging applicator.
ASPEE FOG/ATK/400DB is designed for use under the least favourable conditions, operate the machine from the comfort of your vehicle (Truck / Jeep/ Pick-up/ Three Wheeler) cabin with remote control device the machine is easy to operate – making life easy for fogging machine operators.
Now the machine is supplied with new cylindrical type chemical tank with sturdy base to avoid rusting & fitting problems.

Special Instructions

  • Easily mounted on small vehicle-3wheeler small tempo / pick up van etc.
  • Quick start electronic circuit with remote control operation
  • Driver can also operate this machine himself without any other person
  • Double barrel can cover wider area faster & effectively
  • Can also use only one of the two barrel as per requirement
  • Sturdy / rugged construction
  • The engine tube made of special stainless steel
  • Chemical tank is provided separately with the machine
  • Machine can start either by car cigar light jack or direct to battery with the help of attachment
  • Solenoid valve and limit switch is provided in the machine to stop the fuel and chemical
  • Supply immediately, if the machine is stopped by any reason


Technical Specifications

  • Model: FOG/ATK/400DB
  • Type: Thermal aerosol pulse jet fogging machine
  • Starting mechanism: Remote control electronic circuit & solenoid valves
  • Air compressor: Compact type – D. C. Motor for auto starting
  • Carburetor: Diaphragm type with petal valve
  • Double barrel: Double engine tube with separate fuel tank
  • Power supply: 12 volts DC battery from vehicle
  • Fuel consumption: 4 ltr / hour – petrol (for double barrel)
  • Fuel tank: 7 ltr x 2 tank petrol
  • Chemical consumption: 60 to 80 lts/hours (for double barrel)
  • Chemical tank: 130 ltr – S. S.
  • Tank weight: 23 kg (empty) approx
  • Machine weight: 38 kg (empty) approx.