ASPEE GATOR rocking sprayer with 2 meter long suction hose with strainer, 5 meter long delivery hose, with Hy-jet spray gun/VM3ND spray lance. Conforming to IS specification and with ISI mark.

Special Instructions

  • 2 meter long suction hose with strainer & 5 meter long delivery hose
  • Pump assembly fitted on wooden platform with frame and hinge pins
  • Develops sufficient pressure to operate with 2 discharge line with any length of hose
  • Suitable for spraying with Hyjet gun or bamboo lance on tall trees
  • Detachable pressure vessel with high capacity
  • Gives pulse free spraying
  • Easy to operate as well as to maintain


Technical Specifications

  • Model: GR/5
  • Pressure vessel: Brass sheet
  • Pump barrel: Brass
  • Spray lance: Brass 90 cm
  • Delivery Hose: 5mt or as reqd. up to 30 mt
  • L x W x H (in mm): 1397 x 216 x 254
  • Weight: 9 kg without discharge line (approx)